a big idea

First, we help you find

Change requires focus. We help you identify the one big idea that's right for you to pursue. Then we turn it into a vision for the future that guides everything we do. 

a plan to change the world

We work backwards from our end goal, identifying the milestones we'll need to reach and coming up with plans for each of the problems that will have to be solved along the way. 

Then we come up with

So we can bring together

the right team

Whether it's building products or launching an organization, you can't achieve incredible things without incredible people. We bring together the right people, for the right projects and the right amount of time to run effective organizations and create products efficiently. 

We design and build products, services, and organizations that make a direct impact on the problems we're trying to solve. If marketing campaigns are necessary to move us along our roadmap, we'll launch them too.

products, campaigns & organizations

To create & launch

We help you share your vision with the world through the creation of messaging and communications initiatives that will position you as a leader a frontier of new ideas, issues, and debates.






To solve the most pressing challenges of our time, the world needs more leaders with the vision, ambition, and resources to achieve incredible things.

Ends helps successful individuals use their skills and capital to pursue bold ideas in order to make a lasting difference on behalf of humanity.

Ends was founded by Sam Weston.


Sam has nearly two decades experience working directly with executives and political leaders at technology, design, communications, and political consulting firms across the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

He specializes in helping leaders develop strategic vision and achieve their goals with creative, unexpected solutions to intractable problems.


Sam's experience makes him uniquely able to harmonize communications strategy with digital products and services that help companies and leaders play a meaningful role in people's lives.

Sam lives in Minneapolis with his wife, twin kids, and puppy.

We believe

Our approach is simple